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(VE) ​Viale Aurora n. 63, Piazza Fontana - 30028 Bibione (San Michele al Tagliamento)


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Viale Aurora

n. 63, Piazza Fontana 30028 Bibione
(San Michele al Tagliamento) Tel.

Email: info@clinicaveterinariaconcordia.com

​ pi 03414260277Aut. San.N. 0022913

of 25-07-16, DSDS Ione Stefanon (VE410)

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appointment 10: 00-18: 00 Via Eraclito 26

30026 Portogruaro (VE)

Tel: 0421 280018

​Email: info@clinicaveterinariaconcordia.com

pi 03414260277Aut. San. DGR . 050

dated 08-12-2019 D.S. Dr Giovanni A.


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The Concordia Veterinary Clinic offers a 360 ° service, providing its patients with the best specialists in every field. The Medical and Surgical Oncology Service enjoys the collaboration of ONCOVET, the first Veterinary Oncology Service in Italy. Neoplastic diseases occur
in animals, as well as in humans, with increasing frequency also due to the increase in life expectancy in pets. for diagnosis and
staging and comes to therapy, it requires attention and dedication.

Diagnosis requires instrumental (eg. Ultrasound, radiology, CT and MRI) and laboratory (eg. Haematobiochemical, cytology and histology) examinations essential to localize the tumor and recognize its nature. essential step to
understand the evolution of the pathology, set the therapy correctly and formulate a prognosis. Once the tumor has been identified, defined
and staged, it is necessary to choose the therapeutic, medical, surgical path or the combination of both solutions, to guarantee to the patient a good quality of life and, if possible, its prolongation.Chemotherapy is one of
the cornerstones of oncology both in the choice of the drug / s to be administered and in the management of adverse affects, in to maximize benefits and reduce patient discomfort Oncology
often uses surgery to remove the tumor where possible and in order to avoid relapses and optimize the efficacy of chemotherapeutics.
Finally, among the alternatives, electrochemotherapy, one of the new frontiers of veterinary oncology, allows to exploit the effects of electricity to favor the local penetration of chemotherapy into
tumor forms otherwise difficult to attack.The path can be complex and require specific solutions, no two patients are the same or two identical neoplastic diseases but even in the most dramatic situations it is possible to alleviate pain and suffering. It is also essential for your dog and cat to have periodic checks, an early diagnosis can change your life

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